About Me

My name is Loren Hamilton; I'm the Western Illinois rep for the American ghost society and a tour guide for the American Hauntings and  Bumpinthenight tour companies.   I started this website to publish some of the pictures/tapes we have collected from different haunted locations.

It is also a place where others can share there stories and see in advance the locations we will be visting soon.

  I have many other jobs to go along with my interest in the paranormal; by day I am employed by the Jacksonville Police Department as it's Community Service Officer.  I also do security work for Passavant Area Hospital and write free lance for the Cass County Gazette newspaper covering area government, Triopia High school sports and various human interest stories.

     I have resigned  my postion of President of  Crimestoppers of Morgan & Scott counties to become it's Law Enforcement Director  and am a   member of the State Of Illinois Crimestopper board of directors, and Region 7 Director for the Crimestopper USA  board serving Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.  I also serve  as  a Trustee for the Village of Chapin.

  I have always had a interest in ghosts and the paranormal and had done some light investigations throughout the midwest as well as the Queen Mary, moored in Long Beach California.   The OK Corral and Birdcage Saloon in Tombstone Arizona, Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas, Mineral springs hotels in Okawville and Alton and the Lemp Mansion in nearby St. Louis.  Along with the city of New Orleans.

    Whenever I find time; you can find me on one of the area golf courses or enjoying a sports event in the Tri-States.

   I met author Troy Taylor quite a few years ago at a book signing at Six Flags, St. Louis and got reaccquainted a few years ago at the mineral springs hotel in Okawville.  After that I attended a 'Haunted Alton' tour and was inspired by guide Len Adams to get deeper into this 'hobby'.

    I have met some great people along the way who I'd like to introduce you to on my members page.  These people not only inspired me and trained me but, continue to provide me friendship and support each and everyday.

  My first book with Troy and some of my other friends will be out June 20  I hope you'll look for it and enjoy.

      I hope you enjoy this webspot and visit often,  I also look forward to meeting you somewhere along the way as we 'bump in the night'


                                                                              Loren Hamilton

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