Troy Taylor

        What can I say about Troy that hasn't been said.  I met Troy several years ago as a fan of his writing and still am today along with being a friend.  He has taught me about the paranormal and provided me the tools to become one of his tour guides for Bumpinthe Night.  Without Troy; I would have never gotten  started, interested in the paranormal or met the people I have that have become some of my best friends.





Troy Taylor is an occultist, supernatural historian and the author of 72 books on ghosts, hauntings, history, crime and the unexplained in America. He is also the founder of the American Ghost Society and the owner of the Illinois and American Hauntings Tour companies.

Taylor shares a birthday with one of his favorite authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald, but instead of living in New York and Paris like Fitzgerald, Taylor grew up in Illinois. Raised on the prairies of the state, he developed an interest in "things that go bump in the night" at an early age and as a young man, developing ghost tours and writing about haunts in Chicago and Central Illinois.  

He began his first book in 1989, which delved into the history and hauntings of Decatur, Illinois, and in 1994, it spawned the Haunted Decatur Tour -- and eventually led to the founding of his Illinois Hauntings Tours (with current tours in Alton, Chicago, Decatur, Lebanon & Jacksonville) and the American Hauntings Tours, which travel all over the country in search of haunted places.

In 1996, Taylor organized a group of ghost enthusiasts into an investigation team and the American Ghost Society was launched, gained over 600 members in the years that followed. The organization continues today as one of America’s largest and most honored research groups.

In 1997, Taylor launched the Haunted America Conference, regarded as "America's Original Ghost  Conference" in Decatur, Illinois. After a number of years in Alton, Illinois, the conference has returned to its original site at the Lincoln Theater in Decatur. The Haunted America Conference remains the most imitated conference in the country and is now preparing for its 14th annual events in Illinois and Massachusetts.





 Kelly Davis

       Kelly is my Paranormal Partner. I don't do much ( if anything ) that she's not close by.  Kelly and her husband Dan are co-founders of Macoupin County ghosthunters and two of my close friends.  Kelly is also a published author and is the Greene and Macoupin county Rep. for the American Ghost Society.  She is also a former police officer in the city of St. Louis and it's been my honor to work with Kelly in the past and look forward to locations I'm sure we will travel to in the months/years to come.





John Winterbauer


  It was my friend John that allowed me tag along and watch from the master during his

Springfield Haunted tour.  If you have a question regarding Lincoln,  the Cival War  or anything history, John is your "go to guy". 

     John has been on paranormal radio and TV, he has lectured on the subject and is currently  the offical historian for the American Ghost Society.  John will be the lead guide for the Decatur haunted tour this spring.




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