Eldred House Private Investigations and other locations


    We will begin taking reservations for 2013 Private Investigations of the Eldred House on Jan.1.  The terms/costs are listed below .  Costs for other locations are somewhat less but times remain the same. Contact me here or e-mail me directly at [email protected] with your date(s)

2013 Private Overnights will be offered on FRIDAY nights ONLY ( There will be NO SATURDAY nights in 2013 ) Below are terms for other locations ; such as, Old Funeral Home, Hockenhull building, Lee-Baker Hodges House etc.

1- Cost of a private investigation is $200 for groups of ten or less. If your group size is over ten, please add $40 per person for each over. Cost for James J. Eldred house private overnight are $400 for groups of ten or LESS.  Groups over TEN add $40 per sperson.  You must be 18 years of age to investigate the James J. Eldred House.  Age requirment does not apply at other locations.

2- Investigations are held Friday nights from 8pm to 2am. Those six hours include set up and break down time. 

3- All guests must sign a waiver of liabilty form BEFORE entering the house.  Waiver also includes that the  Loren Hamilton will have  full access to display any evindence you find on there websites and have the right to refuse usage of any on any social media, You Tube and any and all websites, books, flims etc.  Permission must be ask for in writing prior to distribution and given by Loren Hamilton .

4-Your date is reserved when full payment has been received, no dates are 'held' without full payment.  Payment must be made in form of check/cashier's check.


5- NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the grounds of any location.

If found on person; all guests will be escourted off property and receive NO REFUND.

Violators to this will be PROSECUTED to the FULL extent of the law.



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